Established in March 2016, it is located in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu. Brunt is a Korean and American corporation.

Combination of Brush + Paint + Technology. Brushes and paints mean emotional creativity, and technology means innovative technologies that help us improve our lives.

We make living products based on tech. Create smart home IoT products (hardware, software), life tech products and living accessories.

Our philosophy

The term ‘Product’ below refers to both hardware and software.

Make a good product -Perfection

We produce products with high perfection quality in every detail.

Just another ordinary product is meaningless to us.

Create experiences, not just products -ux

The overall experience, from the software to the hardware, the feeling that the product is aging, is thought to be the complete product.

Rather than show off the cutting edge of technology in the product, the overall customer experience is more important.

Naturally improve discomfort -improvement

It is the beginning of the development of Brunt products that we have been familiar with our lives for a long time and find out the fundamental inconveniences that we do not feel.

Create a beautiful product -Fascination

It’s not just consumed functionally by necessity, but a little bit more beautiful and emotional.

Think from the customer / user perspective -Customer Centered

When making a decision, we prioritize creating products and services that are more satisfying to our customers and users than to immediate benefit.

Create with Responsibility-Responsibility

Remember that no matter how much emphasis is placed on security, safety and environmental protection.

A Better Lifestyle Experience

Looking for the product you need, there was no technical problem, but the overall user experience isn’t easy.
Brunt creates products and services that balance technology, design and user experience.
For our better lifestyle experience, Brunt creates and introduces cool products and services that are not customary.